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before a clutch seven play The majority of songs on the album were composed by original guitarist Scott Kerr, cheap jerseys from China who wrote or wholesale nba jerseys co wrote most of the songs on Five Iron Frenzy's first two albums, Upbeats and cheap mlb jerseys China Beatdowns and Our Newest Album Ever!. Kerr initially departed the band in 1998 after losing his faith in Christianity but chose to take part in their reunion, now playing bass guitar in place of Keith Hoerig, who declined to participate in the reunion. Much of Engine of a Million Plots deals with issues of doubt, adversity and religious frustration, authentic football jerseys China as well as the renewal of faith and hope.[3] In an interview with Relevant, Roper explained that he didn't care about his potentially alienating or controversial lyrics clashing with the wider Christian music market, noting "For the most part, I think most of organized Christianity has kind of tossed [Five Iron Frenzy] off[.]What I'm more worried about is the people that have been marginalized by the Church and those fans that used to be Christians and still love us.