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bringing his total for the season at 11 rushing yards SG: wholesale jerseys You can't go lower than 0.1 on the Vengeance Scale. It's impossible. Simpson trying to find "the real killers" (a 0.1 and the lowest we can go). Generally recounting his rise wholesale nba jerseys from China the tailor's bench to the presidency, he compared himself to Jesus Christ and explained that like the Savior, he, too, cheap football jerseys China liked to pardon repentant sinners. But Congress, and especially Thaddeus Stevens and the radicals, still wanted to break up the Union, an effort he was trying to prevent.[2]The press nonetheless gave him overwhelmingly positive coverage throughout the first leg of the tour (although the circumstances made his customary introduction "Fellow citizens, it is not for the purpose of making speeches that I now appear before you" a particular laugh line).

Because the audience was as large as it had been at previous stops, nothing seemed out of the ordinary; however, the crowd included mobs of hecklers, many of them plants by the Radical Republicans, who goaded Johnson into engaging them in mid speech; when one of them yelled "Hang Jeff Davis!" in Cleveland, wholesale nba jerseys China Johnson angrily replied, "Why don't you hang Thad Stevens and Wendell Phillips?"[3] When he left the balcony from which he had spoken, reporters heard supporters reminding Johnson to maintain his dignity; Johnson's reply of "I don't care about my dignity" was carried in newspapers across the nation, abruptly ending the tour's favorable press.