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An erection occurs when sexual arousal causes penile nerves to launch nitric oxide, 威而鋼邊度買 a substance that indicators for the increase in blood movement into the penis. The blood fills sacks in the penis (sinusoids) that engorge spongy tissue so that it presses towards the outer sheath of the penis and narrows the veins that usually permit blood to drain from the penis.

Diuretics - used to deal with excessive blood stress and some other situations
Antihypertensives - used to treat excessive blood pressure
Fibrates - used to decrease cholesterol (but not the same as statins)
Antipsychotics - used for some psychological well being circumstances, like schizophrenia
Antidepressants - used for anxiety, depression, premenstrual syndrome and other circumstances
Corticosteroids - a sort of steroid used for asthma and different situations
H2-antagonists - used for stomach ulcers
Anticonvulsants - used to deal with epilepsy
Antihistamines - used for allergies like hay fever
Anti-androgens - used to deal with quite a lot of conditions related to male hormones, like testosterone
Cytotoxics - used in most cancers remedy

Some self-administered measures may be helpful in the primary care setting to display for and evaluate the diploma of ED.12 The mostly used instrument is the Worldwide Index of Erectile Operate, a 15-merchandise questionnaire that has been validated in many populations and is considered the gold commonplace to judge patients for ED.Thirteen The Sexual Well being Stock for Males is a brief-form, 5-item questionnaire developed to observe treatment progress.12 It is crucial to acknowledge that short-form questionnaire doesn't consider specific areas of the sexual cycle, comparable to sexual need, ejaculation, and orgasm; nonetheless, it may be useful in discussing ED with patients and evaluating remedy results over time.